2018 MacBook Air Review

MacBook Air doesn’t need any introduction. From the past many decades, the Air has been in the bucket list of those buyers who want the best for themselves. For the past many years, the MacBook Air has maintained a reputation of being the best in the market and has built its own class that no other laptop or notebook has come closer to, till now. With the latest version of the MacBook Air 2018, the buyers have lots of expectations with the new product. Let’s dig deeper to the new features and things that the new MacBook Air has to offer. And most importantly, whether it is worthy enough to buy, or not.


Things we liked the most

As said, the company has done various new things this time, and after three full years, the company has come up with a newer and better MacBook Air than any of its previous generations. The newer laptop is even sleeker, lighter, and a better performer than before. Here are the few improvements that we have noticed while reviewing it.

  • Performance

With the new eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and massive 8GB of RAM, the laptop is capable enough to play just anything thrown to it. And in case you are looking for even better performance, you can opt for the variant with 16 GB of RAM. In all, at the performance front, you can expect the new MacBook Air to work like a beast. You won’t feel any lag or delay even while dealing with heavy multitasking and running heavy apps and games that need too much power and performance. So, performance-wise, the company has done some serious improvements with this device that can be experienced while using it.

  • Display

Although the new MacBook Air doesn’t have that famous TruTone display of Apple, but still the 13.3in LCD screen is bright and crisp enough and is capable to show the resolution of  2560×1600 (227 PPI). You can easily enjoy the HD Blu-ray movies in it, and play the games that need a crisp and clear display to be enjoyed fully.

  • Battery life

Another thing in which the new MacBookAir has improved significantly is the battery department.

And although the battery was never an issue with the Mac devices, this time, you can expect even better  battery life. The company claims that the new Air can easily go through the day without the charge and users can expect nine hours of continued battery backup which makes it somewhat comparable to the previous generation MacBook Pro.

Who should buy it?

In all, the new MacBook Air is a perfect buy for those buyers who are willing to buy an Apple laptop with lots of new features, amazing battery life, and a crisp display. In other words, this is a true performance oriented laptop for the buyers.