Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review

Samsung recently launches the new entry in the Galaxy Tab series. This is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. This is more like a small laptop and not just a Phone. You can use this as a Tab and continue working as a laptop as well. To help you further, we have listed a short review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and you can check out more details in the section below.


Design and Performance

The design of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is just like any other tab available but there are some elements of newness. For example, it has a specific area at the rear which latches the S Pen and it also wirelessly charges it. There is also an in-screen fingerprint scanner and you can also purchase the additional keyword to turn it into a laptop. The multi-task support makes it a lot more useful and this enhances the performance of the device as well. In a way, it can really replace your laptop within short period of time. The Dex cover makes a lot more sense because it has a back cover, the screen angle is adjustable and it stores the S pen.

Technical Specifications

In terms of specifications, it has really high specs and it can support almost any function that you may want to do on a laptop. This tab is powered by Qualcomm SM8150 Octa-Core Processor and it also has a RAM of 128 GB. Apart from this, this tab has an internal memory of 128 GB but you can go ahead and increase it to 512 GB. There is support for Nano SIM which not just provides you internet connectivity but also lets you take phone calls. Apart from all this, the tab has a battery of 7040 mAH.

Screen and Camera

Screen and Camera had always been more important to people because of the way it enhances the utility. Talking about the screen first, it has a 10.5 inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixel. The screen is sharp and the refresh rate is enough to provide you with a good experience. In terms of camera, this tab has a dual camera setup at the rear and we believe it is the first one with such a setup. The module includes a 13 MP + 5 MP dual camera along with an 8 MP Selfie camera.

Final Verdict

In terms of overall performance, the Samsung Tab S6 is has a good specification. It is a lot easier to use as a laptop because of the kind of OS that comes with the tab. It enhances the utility a lot more. There is no learning curve as it works like a laptop with a keyboard. You can even connect a mouse to the device. The price tag justifies the specifications that you get with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and in our opinion, it can be used as your laptop. Ability to take and make calls make the design much more practical.